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The Logo, Mascot, Motto and Song of the GAMES

The ideas of the Logo: The letter U that is short for University mainly forms the logo of the 13th ASEAN University Games.

The Idea of the Logo:

The letter U that is short for University mainly forms the logo of the 13 th ASEAN University Games.

The colored circles moving in space remind of the circles on the logo of Olympics.  The motion of these circles is the indication of competitiveness, speed, solidarity, ASEAN students' activeness and creativeness. The linked circles at the bottom are the symbol of 11 member countries of ASEAN, The picture of Khue Van Cac – the symbol of the Literature Temple (the first University of Vietnam ) is placed in the middle circle. Moreover, the circiles look like a torch that the fire is a symbol of incessant moving and interfering of colored circles. That fire is the ideas of the solidarity, friendship, studying and sporting among the ASEAN students.

The Idea of the Mascot :

In Vietnamese belief, a carp is though to bring many good characteristics such as:

•  The symbol of wealth, prosperity and several childrent;

• “Cá chép vu?t ngu môn d? hoá r?ng” (the literal sense of the statement is a carp, after passing 5 gates of challenges will become a dragon, it implies that a nomal after overcoming many obstacles will become a talent;

•  A great encouragement to students to stydy, hight achievements in exams;

•  Glorious victories and intelligence.


The Cube of the Mascot :

•  The leg and hand of mascot is stylized. Two hands rise up to welcome all delegations to Vietnam. The head shows the belief and the determination of ASEAN students.

•  The cunning mile and the bachelor hat of the carp expresses the intelligence, and naughty which characterised the students.


The Color of the Mascot:

The mascot is painted with three major colors : Red, Blue and Yellow of which the Yellow is the specific characteristics of the Eastern as well as the Victory Color.


The Motto of the Games:



The Official Song of the Games :

The Song of ASEAN Student Games composed by Van Dung.